About Us

Taps for Effect Games was started in 2015. 
Unsatisfied with the competition, the founders set out to grow and improve their favorite community.
Leading by example Taps has continued to grow and in 2020 Taps For Effect became Taps Games.
With a new name and a new location Taps continues to represent the best of the Local tabletop community.
The new Taps Games maintains Wizards Play Network Premium status. The highest status that a Wizards approved local game store can achieve.
Our commitment to being the best is paramount and we hope to earn your business and respect
See you soon!

We specialize in Magic the Gathering and Warhammer Merchandise.
  • 4 tables setup for miniature gaming (Three – 6’ x 4’ and a Single – 8’ x 4’)
  • 7 tables for TCG and Board games.  Seating 42 comfortably.
  • Run weekly events for Magic, 40k, Blood Bowl, Age of Sigmar, and Flesh and Blood.

Store Location
2854 Calgary Trail NW
Edmonton, Alberta

Our Staff

Brian Tews

Store Manager/Owner

  • Area of Expertise: Everything and Nothing

  • If you could pick one board game for life: Firefly because I can fly around in a space ship pretending to be Malcolm 
  • Constantly gets mistaken for Nathan Fillion

Justin Guerette

Retail Associate

  • Area of Expertise: Games Workshop/Miniature Painting
  • Favorite Warhammer Army/Commander Deck: Chaos Space Marines, Slaves to Darkness,  Rakdos, the              Showstopper. I love metal and being the bad guy is always more fun!
  • Phantom Menace is my favorite Starwars movie.
Justin Guerette

Joel Bracuk

Retail Associate

  • Area of Expertise: Magic the Gathering/Dungeons and Dragons
  • If you could pick one board game for life:  Gloomhaven because it just has the most content in a game ever.
  • Exclusively wears shorts

Scott Martin

Retail Associate

  • Area of Expertise: Games Workshop/Hobby specialist
  • If you could pick one board game for the rest of your life: Twilight Imperium, you can play that game for ever and it never is the same. So many ways to win and lose
  • Hates elves
Justin Guerette

David Pate

Retail Associate

  • Area of Expertise: Games Workshop/Assorted TCG’s

  • If you could pick one board game for life: Gloomhaven, there’s so much going on, and I can play it by myself!
  • Enjoyed the Matrix Sequels

Parker Connors

Retail Associate

  • Area of Expertise: Magic Judge. Pokemon Professor 
  • Favorite Board Game: Codenames! Really easy to pick up to play, but the game play is really engaging. 
  • Spends at least 3 hours a day looking at Cat memes .
Justin Guerette